End Times Headline News - September 18th, 2016

November 4, 2016
Bombs, bombs, stabbings, the US bombing the Syrian Army, Russia storming out of a UN security council meeting, Israel intercepting 2 missiles that are incoming, sexual crimes out of control, mass genocide, animals dying worldwide, flooding, storms unlike anything we have ever seen, designer babies, mice born without embryos and humans coming soon, giant sinkholes, clowns manifesting like demons, Obamas birth certificate lies and more. Thats the news for today. How about the earthquake count as well.

Brothers and sisters, none of this is a surprise and all of this was predicted over and over in the Bible. The harvest is coming...the watchmen are crying and this is the time to choose Jesus if you dont know Him. Once you choose Him its time to change your life in every direction and become obedient to God.

I can only tell you the hour is late and its time to bring people to God. Stand up for God and Jesus and tell everyone. Please dont let anyone perish because you were scared to stand for God. Jesus didnt tap out when He was standing for you.

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