End Times Headline News - June 30th, 2016

June 30, 2016

Last day of the month and it's another day in these end times and these are your end times news headlines from around the world.

Headlines include a huge bombing in Afghanistan by the U.S.A.'s team ISIS. Russia put sanctions on the west not giving them real food as the rest of the world does from Monsanto poisoned food that has cancer rates up 4000% from the 1920's. You have drug company Bayer and Monsanto getting together to see how to poison more people using GMO science and medicines. More U.S. war agression and war machine output with war games in Hawaii. You have more lies from the Orlando Pulse shooting and timelines that completely discredit every other narrative including their own. You have NATO that will be amassing on the borders of Turkey to "provide them security" when you know this is only allowing more troops staged and ready to roll into Syria. You have more migrants raping 7 year old girls and migrant evil as Obama is letting another 30,000 into the U.S. alone.

Folks this is the age of deception and we are in dark days with the only hope being Yeshua aka Jesus Christ. Do not delay for our time is short. Put your Holy Spirit glasses on so your not deceived. I truly think we will see far more evil before our Savior returns including the possibility of mystery Babylon being destroyed prior. If your living your life as YHWH has commanded it doesn't matter when or what happens. If your living a Sun worship day and then you forget God all week until the next Sunday and your not living in Gods laws, statutes and commandments don't expect to make it through the narrow gate. Jesus says that when He returns he wondered if any would still be faithful...that is a dire statement. If you don't live your every last breath talking to YHWH and living in His love...you should be worried. One prayer at 8 years old and living like hell in movies and tv and like the world isn't going to get you in.