End Times Headline News - June 29th, 2016

June 29, 2016

We have what appears to be another false flag shooting in Turkey. What does this mean and why would they do it? The United States, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey have amassed a huge army in and around Syria. They are 3 weeks late from a planned attack inside of Turkey that was going to be the grounds for a ground invasion into Syria to attack "ISIS" ISIS is the America made proxy Army that has gotten into Syria from Turkey and what the American Government has been using to try to topple Syrian President Assad. With Russia being the hero for the Syrian people, there was no need for anyone outside of Russia to be in Syria but the US government still won't let Assad rule in peace. This latest false flag will be used to turn a war Russia already won up and will more than likely cause Russia to have to intervene and if America does what America does, this could be the start of world war 3 and the war that could very well take America off the map. North America doesn't have any place in end times prophecy unless of course it's the infamous Mystery Babylon which gets anhilihated in the end days. Either way something bad is inevitable for the once nation under God.

In other news the US is accusing Russia of dangerous manuvers in waters that America shouldn't be in, a raped woman is saved after she was stuffed in some luggage, a US man rapes 2 women and spends 1 night in jail and walks away is a misdemeanor, a guy who was going to testify against the criminal Hillary Clinton has his neck broken by a bar bell and it's not a homicide, Obama bans single sex bathrooms in National Parks, more missing kids, shot people, and just your everyday news in these end times.

The clock is ticking and nothing is holding Satan back from his final hours upon this earth. It only gets worse and the only thing that makes any light at any part of this trip is Yeshua or as most know Him as Jesus.

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