End Times Headline News - June 28th, 2016

June 29, 2016

I can tell from the first time in years that there was a drop in subscribers after I exposed the Catholic Church as a false religion and the Pope as a false prophet
who is ushering in the One World Religion the Bible has prophesied. I am not here to gain friends, I am here to save souls and I strongly urge anyone in the Catholic church who thinks that sitting in a box telling their sins to another man to step out of a false religion. The Catholic church will send you into the pits of hell. There is no way to heaven except through Jesus Christ. You can't pray to Mary and think your prayers are going anywhere. YHWH is the only person who you should pray to asking all in His
Son Yeshua's name. Put away your idols, step out of a false religion that will send you and your family to hell.

In today's news again Pope Francis says there is "Great Evil" and he isn't referring
to himself, the Supreme Court continues to allow the mass murder of babies in the worlds biggest genocide ever in the United States (1 baby is murdered every 30 seconds in America), Mexico has a huge earthquake, Hillary Clinton failed to turn over emails that
proved she lied about using her server, more sex abuse charges, a world is recovering
financially from the Brexit, Turkey Russia, and Israel are making mends to get this 3rd
temple up, A Missouri man slaughters his entire family, a pregnant woman is dragged
through a Wendy's drive through window and beaten, huge clouds are appearing over the
top of CERN, Gay pride for the youth, El Salvador has a huge gay pride march, Lake Ontario has Nuclear Power plant leaking into the water, Saudi Arabia has killed another 25 people or more in their relentless strikes across the Yemen, a BP Gas Plant Mississippi Explosion, a 3 dead, 1 injured Oregon shooting, and more.

Just another day in these end times and these are your end times news headlines from across the world as the world is exploding. There is no better time than to solidify your life with Yeshua aka Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior. He is the way, the truth, and the life, no man will come to the YHWH except by Him. Life is to volatile and lifes to short, make sure you choose the right path that you want to spend eternity with. YHWH aka God loves you, and Yeshua aka Jesus loves you...so much He died for you. Don't not take the gift of eternal life.