End Times Headline News - June 24th, 2016.

June 28, 2016

Britain has regained their independence and has completed their exit from EU. It's a huge day for democracy and a huge blow to the global elite and the New World Order...but it doesn't come without more prophecy being fulfilled for Daniel talked about the 10 kings and now we are ever closer to the little horn or the Anti Christ as he is known by to arise. 

This is your early edition end times headline news from around the world as it relates to and time Bible prophecy.

We are at the pivotal point in the world where things aren't always what they appear. Put your Holy Spirit glasses on and buckle up.

If any other breaking news is released I will get another update out today. Also please remember I observe the Sabbath day on Saturdays so news will always be in the evenings on those days as we shut down everything and spend the entire day with YHWH.

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