End Times Headline News - June 22nd, 2016

June 26, 2016

The very first headline clip shows you the world we are living in. Not only are we in the Biblical end days, we are dealing with people so cold, so heartless and so against God and His Son Yeshua that they are literally possessed by devils and demons. 

Other headlines include a lot more shootings and killings, more stabbings, and some terrible coverups out of Idaho where Muslim boys rape and urinate on a 5 year old. Then the city covers it up and no justice is done.

The final 2 headlines are critically important as the Bible tells us that the anti Christ will be the Nimrod in the spirit. Why this matters is that they have found Nimrod and have his DNA. With cloning and transhumanization being possible today, the anti Christ is ready to appear before us. The final longer news interview is with Anthony Patch and Lisa Haven as they talk CERN and their final workings of opening the pits of hell.

This is the Biblical end of days and if your not saved by the blood of Jesus Christ, there is no time to lose. Demons are on this earth roaming and it's now or never.

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