End Times Headline News - July 4th, 2016

July 6, 2016

Each passing Independence Day we are becoming more and more aware of the freedoms that we used to have and the freedoms we are losing one false false flag after another.

Todays headlines show us the prophecy of Ezekiel 38 is upon us and each passing day, week, and month the true word of YHWH is so clear, so precise, and so accurate. Having known what the Bible says and having it come to pass is incredible. For this with the eyes and ears to see and hear, these are the end times and these are your end times news headlines from around the world.

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Remember there is no way to heaven except by Yeshua aka Jesus. He is the only answer and is the true answer. Dont fall for a false god, a false prophet, a false hope in a false religion. No man other than Jesus' blood can take away your sins. If the doctrine you know has any other way to heaven than by the blood of Jesus Christ, its time to come out of her. Dont let peer pressure of family, friends, bishops, or pastors convince you of any other path to heaven. Your soul is in your hands and if you are the leader of your family dont lead them into hell. Ignorance isnt bliss when your standing in the fire. Its up to you as an individual to seek the truth and find it and then to live as YHWH aka God has commanded.