End Times Headline News - June 27th, 2016

June 29, 2016

We are going at the speed of light with Biblical prophecy and there is no turning back. Today's headlines are off the chain like always and it may be worse today than the rest. You have the pope coming out saying we need to apologize to all the gays, you have satanic rituals they are involved in, you have Israel and Turkey making peace under the Vatican's hand, the world economies are spiraling out of control with over 2 trillion lost on Friday and negative numbers early this morning, you have shootings all over, massive gay pride parades in New York and L.A. with millions showing up, you have public lesbian and gay men proposals during these pride parades and sodomy so out of control it makes Soddom and Ghommorah look holy, a mass stabbing at a white supremacy rally, car bombs in Lebanon, police brawling over bribes, and more. Nothing is holy anymore, YHWH has been shut down everywhere in the world, the false religion catholic church is bringing the one world religion together and out of this chaos in Europe you will see the anti Christ rise and come to power.

Folks, these are the end days. No time in history has anything like this ever been some in your face and so extreme. Watchman and real people of YHWH that believe in Yeshua will be gone soon and if you don't pick God now, your eternity will be in a Godless eternity that sounds horrible at best. Is it so hard to imagine a loving God who plays by His own rules and sent His only begotten Son to die for us so that when we believe we will not die a spiritual death.

All these signs and wonders, all that is happening at a red line speed has been predicted in the Bible so that you will believe. I am talking to YOU.

Brothers and sisters, please share these videos to your lost. My email is jboss@jasonboss.net for prayer requests, questions, comments, or anything. My only goal and the majority of my days and nights is helping to complete God's work through His Son Jesus Christ. We just don't have any more time and the world that is lost will be a horrible place once the watchmen who are crying out are gone.

There is nothing to fear if you are saved by the blood of Jesus Christ and living in Gods laws, statutes, and commandments.

End Times Headline News - June 26th, 2016

June 29, 2016

Chaos and disorder might be a way to put the world that we are living in today. Lawless and criminal mindedness might be another way to put these times. Lackluster sense of compassion and love for human kind is yet another word to describe these days. Whatever the adjective we use to describe these perilous times, they have all been predicted in the Bible and these are your end times headline news from around the world, stories that you won't find anywhere else.

Today's headlines include a smoking gun that completely blows the Orlando Nightclub shooting out of the water. It comes from Fox news and is a story that I haven't seen anywhere else as it has been ignored by the main stream media. This smoking gun not on discredits all the so called victims, it discredits the YouTube government shills that claim the bartenders, the patrons, and the onlookers stories completely. Every single lie from this false flag / hoax is now come to light and your not going to believe what you will hear. Rememeber that every single account of this says the shooter killed people outside the nightclub and blew Windows out as he entered the nightclub and then started mowing down the people as he entered. This was all between 1:30 and 2:00. Without today's top headline you are going to hear from Fox news what the 911 audio transcripts really said happened and if you still say the narrative went down as the main stream says, it's time to close your eyes and go back to sleep. This doesn't just disprove the entire thing, this shows a staged event that probably didn't kill a single person and if it did, it wasn't anywhere near the time that all these crisis actors said. People the strong delusion is here and it's time to make people all the way to the top accountable for this. They are all involved and lying straight through their teeth.

Other headlines include the U.S. now back to full war on their failed war zone Afghanistan, Afghanistan, modern day Soddom and America having 35% increase in gay marriage, Russia and China doing a 50 billion dollar deal and letting the world know that NATO and the U.S.'s missle shields are not acceptable and actions will be taken, a mom shooting her 2 daughters, more refugees in dire shelter and without water and food thanks to the U.S.'s fake war on terror, West Virginia now with over 25 dead and the National Guard trying to save them, tornados killing a hundred in China, 35 people burned alive in China as well, 15 killed in Somalia terrorist attacks, Hillary Clinton running an LGBT ad pushing for votes, an older clip where Bill Clinton tells a group of people that his true to life satanic wife Hillary communicates with dead people on a regular basis, and then in the U.S.A an Air Force commander throw out of a ceremony because he was going to say the word "God".

All this before 10:00am. Its just another day in these end times and people I don't do this for doom and gloom, as I fear nothing but my God YHWH. I do this to show you all that the Bible has predicted this all and said every last bit of this was going to happen and as it does it's so that you would all believe. YHWH aka God knows this all, knows the future and has predicted this all down to the new temple being built in Israel. Nobody could have predicted these events with precision like this unless you knew the future. People argue this has been all orchestrated and you could write a book of you orchestrated it...to that I answer, not to 100% precision. Your plans might come close but not 100% of the time.Its now time to choose YHWH or satan. Its always been a choice but it's your choice and it's easy to see that with all the evil around us, it goes to reason that God is in control. Pick Yeshua aka Jesus today. He is the way, the truth, and the life. No man can come to the Father except by Him. Even before the world was made, God knew you and knew His plan for you.

Why do I love my creator and His Son Yeshua? Because He loved me in all my dirty sin and wicked self. To that I will bend my knee and ask to be free...Life under His guidance is glorious and it doesn't matter how bad things get for me...I will die for my creator who died for me first. Its the least I can do and it will never be enough.

End Times Headline NEnd Times Headline News - June 25th, 2016ews - June 25th, 2016

June 29, 2016

West Virginia flooding and now over 20 dead, officer shootings, hit and runs, at least 10 dead in a Mexican restaurant us crash, a policeman proposes to his boyfriend, a record number of homosexual marriages in the U.S. and another Rabbi calling for the new temple to be built in Israel. Prophetic events happening daily and the fall of the EU is coming after Britain's Brexit. It's all Biblical and you are living the book of Revelations.

The books been written and we know whats coming...are you ready?

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End Times Headline News - June 24th, 2016.

June 28, 2016

Britain has regained their independence and has completed their exit from EU. It's a huge day for democracy and a huge blow to the global elite and the New World Order...but it doesn't come without more prophecy being fulfilled for Daniel talked about the 10 kings and now we are ever closer to the little horn or the Anti Christ as he is known by to arise. 

This is your early edition end times headline news from around the world as it relates to and time Bible prophecy.

We are at the pivotal point in the world where things aren't always what they appear. Put your Holy Spirit glasses on and buckle up.

If any other breaking news is released I will get another update out today. Also please remember I observe the Sabbath day on Saturdays so news will always be in the evenings on those days as we shut down everything and spend the entire day with YHWH.

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End Times Headline News - June 23rd, 2016

June 28, 2016

With America at Defcon 3 and the world going mad, these are your end times headline news for the day. Obama has his first loss with the supreme court and everyone but him is to blame. The democrats throw a huge fit and sit on the house floor over gun control. A man puts a baby in the refridgerator after leaving her in a hot car, Germany has a mass shooting, Falluja is still being taken back leaving mass civilian deaths, and much more.

These are your headlines from around the world as the world heads to the end days. 

If your not saved by the blood of Yeshua, it's time to make it before its to late. Jesus died for you and loves you and will return soon. It's up to you to choose life or death.

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End Times Headline News - June 21st, 2016

June 27, 2016

merica has gone to Defcon 3. With the U.S. policing the world and the world hating the once great U.S. for what it's doing and NATO, the U.N.s military pushing Russia, China, and Iran, is there any question that the U.S. thinks it may come under attack or is there more? There is more. Russia media is publishing they are expecting an immanent attack from NATO as they have ammassed military on every border of Russia.

The King of the North has held his patience long enough and when the nukes start flying, nobody but the U.S. is to blame.

The book of Revelations is all to clear when it comes to how these days will go down. As a watchman, I plead with you to be ready with Yeshua as your savior and YHWH as your God. The hour is at hand and these are your end times headline news from around the world exactly as the Bible says they will go down.

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End Times Headline News - June 22nd, 2016

June 26, 2016

The very first headline clip shows you the world we are living in. Not only are we in the Biblical end days, we are dealing with people so cold, so heartless and so against God and His Son Yeshua that they are literally possessed by devils and demons. 

Other headlines include a lot more shootings and killings, more stabbings, and some terrible coverups out of Idaho where Muslim boys rape and urinate on a 5 year old. Then the city covers it up and no justice is done.

The final 2 headlines are critically important as the Bible tells us that the anti Christ will be the Nimrod in the spirit. Why this matters is that they have found Nimrod and have his DNA. With cloning and transhumanization being possible today, the anti Christ is ready to appear before us. The final longer news interview is with Anthony Patch and Lisa Haven as they talk CERN and their final workings of opening the pits of hell.

This is the Biblical end of days and if your not saved by the blood of Jesus Christ, there is no time to lose. Demons are on this earth roaming and it's now or never.

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End Times Headline News - June 20th, 2016.

June 26, 2016

Oh what a ruckus the U.S. government is able to pull off with their gun grabbing false flags and crisis actors. 8 days after the 2nd biggest false flag in U.S. history (9/11 obviously being number 1), it looks like Congress is using the slumbering people and the momentum with their latest sloppy operation to lock down these guns. Its happening folks. Congress is voting today. We are one step closer to being disarmed.

Other major headlines include Raqqa under serious attacks from Syria and the U.S. taking credit for the offense. The U.S. is also planning air strikes against Assad still in an attempt to take him out. The entire Syria operation with ISIS was funded by U.S. and its allies to take out Assad and with Syria looking like a pile of rocks, especially Damascus (as prophesied in the Bible it would be so), the U.S. is now considering air strikes. That move will have Russia, China, Iran, and Syria fighting the U.S. in what will be world war 3. The war machine won't stop and it wont stop.

Other news includes a brutal beating with some youths, major stabbings and throat cuttings and such an increase in violence its unprecedented. Never before has lawlessness been so out of control.

Folks its time to pick that side that you want to spend for eternity. There is only one way to a place better than this and its believing in The Lord Jesus Christ, Yeshua Hamachiah. Don't delay. Bring your family to a place of hope living by YHWH's laws, statutes, and commandments. The Bible clearly states that these things would all happen and they are. God did this so that when you saw it you would believe. Please please please dont miss your chance. At the end of these videos is a guide and verses to help you along the way. 

I am always available by email at jboss@jasonboss.net. Prayer requests, comments, or questions.

Also if you want the news sources please follow me on Twitter at Twitter.com/jbossman

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